Would perform plays for her family as a child, emulating the Queen of England.

Attended UCLA and received a degree in Women’s Studies.

Is left-handed.

Some of her favorite musicians are Cat Stevens, Mumford & Sons, Crash Kings and Josh Rouse.

Is a huge music fan.

Is close friends with Teen Wolf co-star Colton Haynes.

Attended an all-girls school.

Would love to work with Michael Shannon.

Is a fan of Natalie Portman and Laura Linney.

Considers Lost as one of her favorite shows.

Notes 1957 Jaguar Roadster as her favorite car.

Her five favorite films are ET, Harold and Maude, Annie Hall, Waiting For Guffman and Back To The Future.

Received confirmation of her casting in Teen Wolf whilst eating at The Cheesecake Factory with her sister.